When Traveling, Utilize Friends

When Traveling, Utilize Friends

You don’t do anything alone. Nay. No, sir. I especially don’t do anything alone. At the bar, I like to go to the bathroom in pairs, and when we’re hanging at home, I like to sit right next to my friends on the couch—outer thighs touching.

Most people like to help and be helped, so get to sharin’. You don’t know until you ask, and I promise life is a lot easier once you embrace others and let them embrace you. Use each other. Provide for each other. My friends in NZ are a perfect example of humans holding hands in order to make magic happen. Because of them, my life is one ton better and easier, and hopefully, the feeling is mutual.

MY KIWI FREAKS ARE THE MOST LOVING, CARING, GIVING PEOPLE IN THE GALAXY. True story. Not only did they put me up while I was visiting, but they loaned me cars, planned my days, and held a launch party for me at a badass coffee company called Allpress. They organized everything for the night. What a bunch of rock stars.

  • Allpress donated the space.
  • Glengarry and Lothelorien Winery donated alcohol.
  • Deirdre and Monica donated their love and time.
  • My friends turned out wearing huge smiles, and I can’t say enough THANK YOUS.

You, my Auckland homies, are DOPE. I appreciate you more than you know. Any time you pass through Oklahoma, the covered wagon is on me.


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